Kiska Metals Corporation -- Discovery Starts Here

Kiska was created through the merger of Rimfire Minerals Corporation and Geoinformatics Exploration Inc. in 2009.

Kiska specializes in developing a portfolio of early-stage mineral exploration projects with the goal of discovering top-tier mineral deposits.

Kiska's focus and expertise is on base and precious metal deposits in western North America.

Kiska employs the "Prospect Generator" business model to finance exploration and preserve shareholder equity. Kiska partners its projects with senior mining companies who share its vision and commitment with respect to environmentally and socially responsible mineral exploration and development.

Kiska believes that the Next Generation of top-tier mineral deposits will be found based on solid boots-on-the-ground fieldwork coupled with innovative exploration technologies and it is this approach that increases Kiska's odds of discovery and give us a competitive advantage over other explorers.

How does Kiska generate projects and use innovative technologies?
  • Kiska strongly believes in a traditional approach to project generation by conducting terrane-scale compilation studies, leveraging public geoscience data and experts, and conducting "shovel and hammer" early-stage reconnaissance exploration.
  • This is a traditional tried-and-true method to mineral exploration, yet as top-tier mineral deposits get deeper and more difficult to find, Kiska implements a "first-mover" approach to developing and adopting innovative exploration technologies that have the following attributes in common: developed by peer- recognized experts; help to "see" deeper; leverage exploration dollars and data.
  • Current Innovative Exploration Technologies include Neural Networks and Geochemical Inversion Modelling.

Listing Information:
TSX Venture Exchange
Symbol: KSK
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Suite 2300 - 1177 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6E 2K3
Telephone: 604-669-6660
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